Work Experience -By Imogen

For the past two weeks I have been doing work experience with Esmé at the Photography Studio. Before starting I had worries that work experience would be boring and that I would have nothing to do. However, since my first day I had been introduced to the world of family photography – starting with a Cake Smash - a very messy and entertaining shoot. As well as family portraits, Watch Me Grow shoots, Networking meetings and the incredibly strange things that Radio 1 presenters talk about in the background of editing sessions. I have learnt how to edit images properly, the business side of running your own company, how to use the weather & lighting given to use to the best of your ability whilst taking pictures.

On my third day we spent our time in Bedford taking pictures along with Nicki Shea Photography, who also had someone doing work experience. We walked down the embankment looking at the different effects of the light, occasionally running away from attacking swans and asking random people if we could take pictures of their dogs. Also learning about composition and not taking pictures from a bog standard view but lying on the floor in the middle of the high street to get a good picture, from a new angle.

It has been interesting and eye opening to learn the real business side of a company from accounting, to filling receipts to making a good cup of coffee for a client.

During my placement I have learnt techniques & skills that I can later put to use in my GCSE Photography lessons & exams. Here are some of the images that I have taken during my placement, whilst in Bedford & a couple from in the studio. Including one of me, which Esmé loves as I am finding that “new angle”.

I have also learnt that not only do you have to be good at taking pictures but you have to be patient, talkative, and an awesome business women to run your own photography company.

Thank you for having me Esmé,


Favourite Wedding Images from 2017 -2018!
Thursday, March 22, 2018
By Esmé Robinson Photography
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So... about 10 years after pretty much everyone else in the world, I have decided to start my blog. I would berate myself for leaving it on my to-do list for quite such a comical length of time, and then I remember how busy the last 10 years have been! It is not laziness that has prevented me from getting going, merely a limit to the number of hours in the day (still on the look out for a "magic stopwatch!"). So for my first blog - Favourite Wedding Images from 2016 -2017!

Obviously the year runs from January - December, but in wedding world... each "Wedding Season" hails from April to April.  This is the only way that I can think of weddings! So my New "wedding" year will begin in April and as it is currently March, it is about time that I celebrated what was achieved last year with some of my amazing couples. 

Highlights on a personal level include party-ing with Judge Jules, photographing Simon (bassist) from the awesome band Don Broco, shooting famous vlogers Dodger and Strippin and exploring Ibiza whilst photographing a wedding over there! So it has been BUSY and it has been AMAZING! I am lucky and perpetually exhausted in almost equal measure at any one time! 

So many favourites, this was tricky, I have kept it to an absolute minimum so as not to give you billions to scroll through and had to sacrifice the inclusion of so many more.  Enjoy! - Esmé

Favourite Wedding Images from 2017 -2018!