Photography Outdoors

The world is my studio.... let's step outside! 

If you are after something a little different, something which helps you to relax and feel a little bit more like yourselves, you are going to love my outdoor photo shoots. 

With older children, studio portraits can look a little stilted.  The kids often get bored and restless and there is a limit to how much we can do in a smaller space. You might be battling to keep them in order, and all they want to do is run and jump and play. If your family is an energetic one, then you might find yourself desperately wanting the photo shoot to end, this isn't what I want - I want you to enjoy the experience, so that you can love your pictures! 

So let's change all that and just go outside!

You can make daisy chains, fly kites, throw up autumn leaves or splash through puddles - whatever makes you feel happy and carefree. There's no time to feel self conscious - you can simply enjoy your family time together while I click away. Even the most camera shy will love the experience, whats more if you enjoy them being taken then you will always love looking at them! This has to be the way to go for dog photography as well, bring them along with the family and make sure everyone is included. 

My gorgeous lil' studio is surrounded by stunning countryside, and my love of exploring the outdoors has lead me to find some truly stunning natural events in the area.  Bluebells in April and May, gorgeous yellow flowers throughout spring, fields of Poppies and Flax in the summer and the stunning palette offered each year by autumn.  Most times of the year offer something unique and wonderful to make your family portrait really personal and really special

Want to come outside for a family portrait with a difference? Give me a call on 01767 699217 or email